Tour Description

From BELEM to SAO LUIS and from MANAUS to ALTER DO CHÃO: the interrupted desert from the fresh water swimming lakes of the Lençois Maranhenses Park, The Green and the symbiosis with water in the Amazon, especially in the Rio Tupana, where we have stayed in a small resort with excellent management and good food, always atmosphere friendly with the staff and with all the guests, engaged in small daily activities excursions, also enjoying relaxation and river life, with frequent immersed baths in the vegetation
Returning to BELEM, after 2 days of sailing on the Amazon River, we stop in ALTER DO CHÃO, spectacular river beach, the small town and the friendliness of all increased the charm of the place. With internal flight and reluctantly we prepared for the return to Italy from Belem, where, after visiting the market. the Cathedral and other tourist attractions, we opted for a visit to the Pan-Amazonian Book Fair and to the garden of the Mangal: a perfect Sunday afternoon before returning

Positive opinion

Fantastic trip, organized everything as we wanted. From Italy we have reviewed several times with Marco how to structure the tour with the days available. His advice was important, hearing it during the stay by phone was useful. It was a holiday to remember (positively!), Marco helped us to build it in the unusual itinerary.

Negative opinion

have a few more days to spend in Alter do Chão

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Security and tranquility

Throughout the programs there will be the virtual support of a bilingual English assistent (in some cases also as an guide accompanying ) who will be available 24 hours a day, planning and optimizing all the days of the itinerary: the traveler will have only the task of enjoying the holiday in the best way and without any concern.

Experience and professionalism

The organizer, as well as the guides , are resident in Brazil and consequently all the itineraries are well known because they are continuously tested and kept constantly updated.

Specific advice

All the destinations have been elaborated on the basis of the real knowledge of travelers’ expectations: what to visit and how much time to spend, which is the best route and how to get  there for better appreciate the itinerary, where it is worth stopping to taste the local dishes, the best season to leave… ..


All costs are reduced thanks to the absence of intermediaries in the sale of the programs and the purchase is made directly with the organizer; moreover, all terrestrial services (transport, overnight stays, etc…) are carefully chosen on the basis of the best value for money;


Sicurezza e tranquillità

Durante tutta la programmazione ci sarà l’accompagnamento di una guida italiana bilingue che sarà presente e disponibile 24 ore al giorno, pianificando e ottimizzando tutte le giornate dell’itinerario: al viaggiatore rimarrà il solo compito di gustarsi la vacanza nel migliore dei modi e senza alcuna preoccupazione.

Esperienza e professionalità

L’organizzatore, come pure la guida accompagnante, sono residenti in Brasile e di conseguenza tutti gli itinerari sono ben conosciuti perché testati in continuazione e tenuti costantemente aggiornati.

Consulenza specifica

Tutti i destini sono stati elaborati in base alla reale conoscenza delle aspettative dei viaggiatori: cosa visitare e quanto tempo dedicarci, quale è il miglior percorso e mezzo di locomozione per apprezzare maggiormente l’itinerario, dove vale la pena sostare per gustare i piatti locali, la stagione migliore per partire…..


Tutti i costi sono ridotti grazie all’assenza di intermediari nella vendita dei programmi e l’acquisto viene effettuato direttamente con l’organizzatore; inoltre tutti i servizi terrestri (trasporti, pernottamenti….) vengono attentamente scelti in base al miglior rapporto qualità\prezzo.