CECILIA & ENRICO: the route of Emotions, Amazonia, Rio de Janeiro, Olinda and the sea




Tour Description

Our tour started from Recife and Olinda, colonial jewel with countless churches Baroque. Subsequently we reached Jericoacoara with its dune from which watch the sunset, then move on to ilha das Canarias and Parnaiba delta with the hypnotic flight of the red ibis.
Below, we are at the gates of the Lençois Maranhenses and Atins, the city in the sand and then Barreirinhas with the Lagoa azul. Sao luis do Maranhao took us back in time with its decadent charm and then Manaus and the Amazon, the beating heart of the world. and again Rio de Janeiro, the "cidade maravilhosa", and finally Praia dos Carneiros for a few days at sea with excursion to the volcanic island of Santo Alexo, another wonder in the middle of the ocean.

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