GLORIA & FLAVIO: the Route of Emotions and the Corals

GLORIA & FLAVIO: the Route of Emotions and the Corals


Gloria Ponzano


Tour Description

The combination of these two tours gave birth to a complete trip and exciting.
The naturalistic aspects of the Jericoacoara park and the Lençóis maranhences are of breathtaking beauty, as well as the historical centers of São Luis, Recife and Olinda.
The latter in particular is a colonial jewel not to be missed. The coast of corals, which we traveled from Maceiò to Recife, is rich in different landscapes and it never stop being amaze!
All always accompanied by excellent food and splendid weather (excellent choice of September)

Positive opinion

Perfect travel arrangements Excellent means of transport always punctual Good choice of hotels Professionalism, availability and friendliness of Marco

Negative opinion


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