Tour Description

The tour included arrival in Manaus with hotel stay and free city tour. transfer to the Tupana lodge, welcome drink and room accommodation. canoe tour to explore the area, return to the Lodge and evening out for exploration night and caimans sighting.

day 2. guided trekking in the forest and in the afternoon departure for overnight in a hammock in the forest. day 3. return to the lodge and departure for Manaus with transfer to airport.

Positive opinion

the lodge is really beautiful, located a few steps from the river where you can swim. a true paradise where you can relax and enjoy nature. the rooms are comfortable and clean, I would only add a net for insects because they are numerous. The tours are very interesting and the guides prepared and available. the staff very nice and helpful, only flaw some communication difficulties with some. the night in the forest was a wonderful experience that we will never forget. the rest of the activities were also really interesting. in addition to the planned activities, we also managed to add a visit to a community of natives. we spent only 2 nights in the lodge, it would have been better at least one more night (which was recommended to us but was not logistically possible) because there are really many interesting activities to do. super recommended experience!

Negative opinion

in fact there were no negative aspects. we only insert small clarifications that aim to improve the service which, we repeat, was excellent and well above expectations: -the activities did not take place in the order indicated in the program, but communicated at the time. we need a bit of elasticity which for us was not a problem at all and probably also allowed us to participate in an extra trip.-on arrival nobody informed us of the time slots in which it was possible to use the electricity- the walk in the forest was very interesting but I wouldn’t call it trekking, in fact it was a walk of just over a kilometer in the portion of the forest behind the lodges.-I would suggest a set of mosquito nets for the rooms. it was very abundant. it was necessary to present oneself in advance of the ringing of the bell or rush to the sound in order not to find the empty dishes

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