The duration of all programs are exactly the days of stay in the Brazilian territory, thus excluding the travel days (and nights) necessary from \ for the country of residence of the participant; in addition, each itinerary was elaborated and divided into close geographical areas in order to minimize the internal transfers that would be necessary from one location to another (even entire days in many cases) and in order to better know and appreciate the area visited; the days of departure and return indicated in each individual program refer only to the proposed itinerary without considering the trip from/for other Brazilian cities or residence and the extensions: in the event of adding one of the latter, the exact day of the start of the program will be communicated with the “Travel Personalization Form”

The detailed development of the various extensions and the relative rates must be requested with the ” Travel Personalization Form “

All prices have not been quoted according to the seasonal periods (low, medium or high season), as they are only offered in the periods of the year most appropriate for visiting the geographical area concerned, based on the best atmospheric conditions and weather; are excluded the local and national holidays (Carnival, Christmas, New Year, Easter or local anniversaries) for which they must be requested with the “Travel Personalization Form”: this is due to the pricing policy applied by the hotels on these dates which oblige minimum stay for the entire duration of the holiday period, without the possibility of short stays, as instead planned by us in the itinerary.

The overnight stay is always budgeted in medium-category hotels or Pousadas (family structures), in double rooms (to be shared with another participating person), with breakfast (any exceptions are expressly indicated in the program) chosen from a list of possible similar structures (reported in each individual program), based on availability on the travel dates requested: the Participant may request different hotels or higher categories, through the “Travel Personalization Form” and price differences will already be included in the new quote.

Once the tour has been confirmed, by paying the deposit, any changes in the hotel structure, before or during the course of the Itinerary, can only take place with full payment of the nights in the new structures chosen by the participant and no refund will paid for the change required.

Single room accommodation (for the groups consisting of an odd number of participants, a single room is already included in the indicated price) must be expressly requested when confirming the program with the “Travel Personalization Form” and the supplement to be paid will be communicated in a row.

All transfers and / or movements will be by private or public scheduled vehicles (plane, bus, boat…) and, in certain cases, may be shared with other tourists who are not part of the same Group (will be expressly indicated in the program); domestic flights will be with the local scheduled airline companies (of safe reliability) in Economy class (other specifications under PRICES, WHAT IS INCLUDED AND EXCLUDED and in the NOTES of the individual Program); the baggage has a maximum allowable weight allowance of 23 kg and 8 kg for hand luggage: any excess weight will be paid by the individual participant at the time of boarding;

The rates, expressed in Euros, or in US Dollars, (based on the Exchange Rate indicated in the Single Program), are subject to change without notice: any price revisions will be communicated to the Participant after sending the “Itinerary Request Form and Estimate” by the same.

Once the final Itinerary has been confirmed by email and the agreed down payment has been paid, eventual increases in transport costs (fuel, landing fees and taxes, disembarkation or boarding in ports and airports) or the exchange rate with the local currency (which occurred in the meantime before departure) if it entails an increase of more than 5% of the total previously agreed upon, must be paid by the participant at the moment of the balance due and will entitle, in the event of renunciation, to the recession of the contract: in the latter case, the penalty will be 100% of the amount paid up to that moment and no value will be refunded.

The costs of the necessary internal flights (of all the Participants plus the accompanying guide if it is foreseen) reported in the Single Program (to be added to the itinerary fare) are indicative, as they are highly variable depending on the month period, the time slot and of the airline company: therefore the updated amount will be communicated to the participant after sending the “Itinerary and Quote Request Form” and the value will be confirmed before the time of booking: in the latter case, any difference in price, communicated by the the organizer, must be paid at the same time as the balance of the tour due.

If, on the other hand, the participant does not accept this difference in price compared to the budget and paid, the Travel program will be considered canceled and therefore the amount received relating to the aforementioned Internal Flights, will be fully refunded, less the bank charges for such operation.

The cost of the International Flight is always excluded from the travel program, which will be at the expense and expense of the participant: the organizer is not responsible in any way for any delays or displacements of these flights and therefore any consequent change in the tour schedule, not will result in no refund for any unused agreed services (overnight stays, excursions and internal flights)

All programs must be confirmed and definitively accepted by email by the deadline shown on the same: the payment of the deposit agreed for the tour, plus the total value of the domestic flights (when applicable) must be paid (according to the methods that will be agreed) within 3 days from the confirmation of the trip: the relative balance, plus any supplements due (as informed in the previous points) must be made within a maximum of 45 days before the departure date (different forms of payment will be agreed according to specific needs)

In the all tours is not include the Travel Insurance Policy, with Health coverage, Medical Expenses, Repatriation, Baggage Loss and Travel Cancellation during the entire duration of the program and any extensions: in this regard, the Participant is advised to contact to a specialized Insurance Private Company or to your trusted Travel Agency;

The Contractor may withdraw from the contract, for his own will or due to force majeure, within 3 days of the payment of the agreed down payment: in this case the sums received will be fully refunded, less the costs of sending the currency and deriving from alterations of the exchange rate with the local currency, which took place in the meantime.

After that date, the Withdrawal will entail the following penalties:

– Value of the tour: 100% of the sums paid

– Value of internal flights: according to the regulations provided by the individual airline (found on the respective internet pages).

In the event of a Recession by the organizer, for significant events involving the impediment of the partial or total performance of the tour, you will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the values paid up to that moment: it may also be proposed as a replacement, an alternative tour (or the same for a different period), whose possible cost differences will be communicated by the organization in a row.

After departure, there may be small changes in the program during the trip (which in any case do not change the destinations, the duration and the content of the itinerary) which cannot be foreseen and could be due to weather or other unexpected events not dependent on our organization, that however, they will not prevent the smooth running of the program; in the event that the Organizer is unable to provide for any reason (including cancellations and / or significant delays in air, sea and land transport), excluding causes deriving from the Participant, an essential part of the services contemplated in contract, will must provide alternative solutions, without price surcharges for the Participant;

The Participant who, for reasons arising, is unable to take advantage of the tourist package purchased can be replaced by another person provided the following conditions are met:

– the Organizer is informed at least 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date;

– the substitute meets all the conditions for the use of the service, with particular regard to the requirements relating to the passport, visas, health certificates, hotel accommodation and transport services;

– the successor person reimburses the Organizer all expenses incurred to proceed with the replacement, to the extent that will be communicated to him in advance.

It is also understood that the substitute will be jointly and severally liable with the transferee for the payment of the balance of the price if it has not yet been made;

All those who use the tourist packages must have a valid individual passport (with a minimum expiry of 6 months after the return date), as well as any residence or transit visas and the health certificates and / or vaccinations that will be required in the single program; participants will also have to comply with the rules of normal prudence and diligence, with all the prescriptive information provided by the Organizer as well as with the related administrative and legislative regulations and provisions; the participants will be called to answer for all the damages that the Organizer should suffer due to their non-compliance with the aforementioned obligations.

The Organizer is required to provide the assistance measures to the Participant imposed by the professional diligence criterion exclusively with reference to the agreed tourist package: throughout the duration of the Itinerary and any Extensions, the support of a 24-hour telephone number is guaranteed (in English) or the on-site presence of bilingual staff.

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Security and tranquility

Throughout the programs there will be the virtual support of a bilingual English assistent (in some cases also as an guide accompanying ) who will be available 24 hours a day, planning and optimizing all the days of the itinerary: the traveler will have only the task of enjoying the holiday in the best way and without any concern.

Experience and professionalism

The organizer, as well as the guides , are resident in Brazil and consequently all the itineraries are well known because they are continuously tested and kept constantly updated.

Specific advice

All the destinations have been elaborated on the basis of the real knowledge of travelers’ expectations: what to visit and how much time to spend, which is the best route and how to get  there for better appreciate the itinerary, where it is worth stopping to taste the local dishes, the best season to leave… ..


All costs are reduced thanks to the absence of intermediaries in the sale of the programs and the purchase is made directly with the organizer; moreover, all terrestrial services (transport, overnight stays, etc…) are carefully chosen on the basis of the best value for money;


Sicurezza e tranquillità

Durante tutta la programmazione ci sarà l’accompagnamento di una guida italiana bilingue che sarà presente e disponibile 24 ore al giorno, pianificando e ottimizzando tutte le giornate dell’itinerario: al viaggiatore rimarrà il solo compito di gustarsi la vacanza nel migliore dei modi e senza alcuna preoccupazione.

Esperienza e professionalità

L’organizzatore, come pure la guida accompagnante, sono residenti in Brasile e di conseguenza tutti gli itinerari sono ben conosciuti perché testati in continuazione e tenuti costantemente aggiornati.

Consulenza specifica

Tutti i destini sono stati elaborati in base alla reale conoscenza delle aspettative dei viaggiatori: cosa visitare e quanto tempo dedicarci, quale è il miglior percorso e mezzo di locomozione per apprezzare maggiormente l’itinerario, dove vale la pena sostare per gustare i piatti locali, la stagione migliore per partire…..


Tutti i costi sono ridotti grazie all’assenza di intermediari nella vendita dei programmi e l’acquisto viene effettuato direttamente con l’organizzatore; inoltre tutti i servizi terrestri (trasporti, pernottamenti….) vengono attentamente scelti in base al miglior rapporto qualità\prezzo.